June 11, 2006

Jazz, A Sampler.

So the Rochester International Jazz Festival is the big buzz in town for the next week or so. I love music across most genres -- and a good live performance is always a great way to spend some time. When it comes to jazz, I'm a casual listener -- I enjoy it, but I stick to what I know and don't keep up with new acts. My CD collection consists of the legendaries and Ken Burns compilations, with an occasional friendly recommendation thrown in.

I consulted with friend Ken about what to check out while RIJF was in sway and he advised me the best sampler was to hit the free gigs. I didn't make it out for opening night on Friday, as exhaustion from a rough week at work and the wacky weather killed any motivation to make my way out. Rejuvenated after luxuriously sleeping in, I hit the streets last night to check out the festival. As it was a bit brisk, I picked up a cuppa joe and made my way downtown. Little Feat gave an immensely satisfying musical performance for my classically trained ear and my rock-n-roll heart. I didn't stay for the whole show, as the giant coffee I inhaled coursed its way through me. Having no desire to wait with the mobs around the portapoddies, I headed home. Still, with my windows open, I could faintly hear the band jamming into the night.

I hope to catch up with Ken, Kari and Ben later this evening for the Mike Kaupa Quartet and the Jack Allen Big Band!

* Edited to add: Caught both shows today as planned and enjoyed a nice mellow evening at the Jazz Fest. Met up not only with Ken, Kari and Ben, but
as well. Good company, good music and a cuppa joe ... what better way to spend a Sunday evening?! I'm extremely impressed with the quality of the shows I've seen, which have cost me nothing more than a few cups of coffee and hot cocoa (yes, it's June in Rochester!), and am looking to invest in one of those club passes next year. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing a few more gigs before this '06 Fest leaves town. Will have to catch up with my fellow knitters Kelly and Jenna next time!

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