February 19, 2006

Competing Interests

So far, through this luxurious three-day weekend, I have done no knitting to speak of. I did however manage to finally get through The Fellowship of the Ring yesterday. Usually, by mid-February, I have finished re-reading the entire trilogy, an annual event for me. However, as my knitting skills improve, I find that I am often torn between the two time-consuming hobbies. Sigh. I know that some people enjoy audiobooks while knitting, or have mastered knitting while reading, but for me it's just not the same. I had an Audible membership for awhile, when I used to have an hour-plus commute (now, it's only 10 minutes!), but my preferred method of enjoying the written word, is precisely in that format. There's something glorious about curling up on the sofa, or under the down comforter, and flipping the pages, pondering, re-reading passages, and just letting myself get totally immersed.

As for today, I've got something else occupying my time. A hobby it is not, but a necessary evil: Laundry. Ugh. I. Hate. Doing. Laundry. While I bummed with my parents for a couple years, I had forgotten the nuisance of getting quarters to do laundry. I'm at least lucky enough to have machines in my building, but alas, no quarter machine. So, I have to remember to save them up, then count them up to see how many loads I can get through. Too much work for such a dreadful chore!

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Yoon said...

The joy of having laundry in one's rental unit. It's still a dreadful task, but at least it's a little less annoying in that one doens't need to scrounge up spare quarters, and also, need not worry if you forget about a load, of your unmentionables winding up on a public floor.