October 11, 2005

Enter, Fall.

Well, the weather could have been nicer, but still, the trip out to the Adirondacks was not wasted. Went to visit my college pal, J., this past weekend and we took a day trip out to Old Forge. Though it was too wet out for us to walk around the camp that her family's got, we did catch a ride on the scenic railroad and I had a couple opportunities to try and snag some of the autumnal color that's timely peeping out there.


Catching up with my old friend also yielded me quite a windfall in the yarn department. Sadly, her grandmother is losing her eyesight and can no longer crochet. However, she was kind enough to bestow on her honorary granddaughter (she adopted all three of J.'s bridesmaids back when J. tied the knot) whatever I wanted to take from her stash, so I came home with this:


The two garbage bags this filled up hardly made a dent in her stash, to which I've been invited to peruse at any time. So, thank you Grandma! I promise to put it all to good use.

In addition to that, K., the wonderful person that she is, for absolutely no reason whatsoever, dropped these on my desk the other day:


Is she awesome, or is she awesome? I confess, I had been eyeing them lately, but only to put them on my mental wishlist which I only sometimes allow myself to indulge in. So, K., you are too sweet for words and thank you muchly for the fun stuffs. The colorweave of this yarn is just so delightful and happy. I haven't decided yet whether it will be socks, or something else. For now, I'm just having fun staring at it.

The Babes look fun to knit and I can't wait to get at them, but they'll have to wait for the time being as my plate is a bit full.

Currently, am finishing up a scarf in my favorite reversible stitch -- it's a 2-row K3P3/K1P1 that I found over at Fuzzy Galore, which has quite a few fun patterns and stitches. I am working it up in 100% alpaca yarn which is so ridiculously soft that now I know what all the fuss is about alpaca.


Also on the needles are K.'s belated shower gift and some Lelahs that I've promised to work up for a couple non-knitter friends. Busy, busy, busy!!

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Yoon said...

Fun trip!

Congrats on inheriting the loot!