October 31, 2005


I had been fighting this bug for most of last week, and spent the better part of the weekend catching up on much needed sleep. And thus, despite it being Monday, I felt much better this morning. Still have some lingering sniffles and a bit of a cough, but my head is much less cloudy.

Needless to say, being sick all last week didn't yield much crafting time, as I had no energy to even think about knitting, let alone actually doing it. But, last night I latched on to a small burst of energy and cast on again for Lelah, this time in what KnitPicks calls Orchid. It's really more pink than the purplish it comes across on the site, but the color is quite a fun one, and if I can capture it accurately enough on digifilm, I'll try and post a pic later.

It was supposed to be for D.'s birthday. Well, her birthday was kind of in September, so I'm a bit behind. Oops.

Speaking of being tardy, I'm almost finished up with K.'s shower present. There is an end in sight, and I just might get it to her before she heads off to China to bring home her son-to-be. Still, after seeing her little crocheted mitten today, I must say that I'm fighting an uphill battle in the cute department! After introducing her to alpaca when we went to yarn heaven a couple weeks ago, she has duly (and very quickly!!) produced a scarf and matching mitten to keep him warm when he arrives. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me, or I would have subjected it to a photo shoot.

Happy Halloween!

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Yoon said...

Wow... what are the chances of two sibs living in different states getting sick at the same time?