August 21, 2005

En Route to a FO and the New Season.

So last night I had a bit of weather trouble. Heavy rains. In my apartment. My landlord has been working on the roof for the past couple of months. And the constant hammering and pounding and the daily piles of dust (I'm on the top floor) is a bit annoying, but hey, I'd rather have a working roof than not, right? Well, apparently, yesterday, the guys forgot to tarp the area over my apartment, such that the heavy rains seeped through one corner resulting in me scrambling around finding towels and pots to collect the indoor (muddy) precipitation. I had already emptied out my pots a few times, soaked through a few bath towels, and an entire roll of paper towels before the maintenance guy showed up. Of course as Murphy's Law would have it, by the time he got finished mopping up and replacing my inadequate pots with a large bucket, the rains stopped. Go figure. The guys are supposed to finish up with my side of the building tomorrow, but I've kept the bucket just in case. On the plus side, at least I know my landlord is a relatively quick responder. And I'm consoled by the fact that pre-roof work, my apartment has withstood inclement weather, so I will chalk it up to the idiots who forgot the tarp.

Thankfully, the leaking was at least kind enough to avoid anything more than a pile of emptied, flattened moving boxes waiting to go into storage. My knitting escaped unscathed, and that, we know is the most important thing, right?

On that note, Lelah is currently being blocked. Finished up the body of it last nite while cheering on my Bills as they stomped the Pack.. Yeah, so it's just the preseason and Favre only played one series that yielded a touchdown. Still, it brings hope to the new season ...

Speaking of Lelah, Christine's got her new site up and running, so check it out. I've decided that Lelah needs straps because, well, frankly I am not the strapless type. I really like MeowGirl's mods using the double-strand straps.

Hmm, what to tackle next? (pun intended)

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