May 08, 2005

Color Me Happy

Well, it's 1:11 AM, and not being quite sleepy yet, thought I'd get around to getting these pics up:


This basket recently came my way full of other sorts of goodies, but once said (edible) goodies were dutifully taken care of, I thought it would be a nice way to showcase this purty stuff. Some closeups:

Here's the Contessa that I've just been having fun staring at...
... can you blame me?

And the Lotus...

Which is on it's way to becoming the Chinese Charm Bag as soon as I get some lining and handles ...

I pinned the top edges together, to lay flat for purposes of taking pictures, but I'm thinking that leaving them in until I get around to getting the final touches, may actually help in flattening out the rolled edges. The Crafster boards tell me that adding the lining and handles should flatten out the edges too, which seems logical enough. I wonder if I'll have time to hit the craft store tomorrow? Hee.

Unfortunately these pics don't do justice to how the colors really look. Here's a closer look at how the Lotus knits up. I wish I could capture the glint of the shiny thread better though, and a more accurate depiction of the colors, but I'll have to settle for these.


Am making dinner tomorrow nite, as part of my Mother's Day "duties" so now I'm off to find myself a painless recipe for the task... Ugh. I am so not a cooking gal.

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