May 01, 2005

Absence Makes the Blogging Heart Grow Guilty

Too lazy to post pics of the yummy yarn I've recently acquired. Walking by dear old LYS everyday on my way back to the parking garage really is trying on one's already weak impulsive purchasing tendencies. Picked up some Reynold's Contessa that was on sale a couple weeks ago. Don't know yet what I'll do with it, but it's soooooo soft! I got it in this vibrant red, and it's just fun to stare at. Then the other day stopped in to find something for the Chinese Charm Bag in SnB. Settled on some Noro Lotus ... it's so pretty! I love the shiny ribbony-type thread that runs through the yarn, as it gives it a bit of a sparkle when it's knit up. I'll try to be less lazy next time and get some pics up.

Cast on for the CCB yesterday as I was catching up on my taped TV shows that I didn't have time for during the week (WB Tuesdays + ABC Wednesdays = lots of TV!!) Was about an inch or so away from being finished, when I decided I wanted it a bit wider, so frogged the whole damn thing and re-cast on while watching 13 Going on 30. But since it knits up so quickly, and it's such a small project, I anticipate being done with it (well, the knit bit anyway -- still have to get some lining and the handles) by final credits of Grey's Anatomy tonite (when did ABC get so good?)

The movie 'twas part of the gift package that L gave me last weekend. I'd never had any particular interest in this movie when it came out, or even when I saw it at the video store, despite my weakness for chick flicks, so I'm glad she bought it for me! It was too funny ... I thoroughly enjoyed it, in all its chickflickiness, and its fond embracing of my dear 80s youth! Those clothes!! Ack!!! Among other things, the DVD was accompanied by a candy grab bag, christened, "I Want Candy" ... that she got from this crazy little site (how fun!), complete with Nerds and a Whistle Pop! She gets mega-props for her creativity!

Now, where oh where did the weekend go? It's Sunday nite already, and I still have a zillion things to do. Sigh ...

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