April 17, 2005


Everybody's Vest (from, Hip to Knit) is done. And this one sure could fit on everybody! It's rather big, and here I am swimming in it!

vest flatvest on

I guess I chose the wrong size to knit up! In checking, my guage is quite on, so this piece must have more ease than I imagined it would, or the yarn just (Elann's Peruvian Highland Wool) knits up this way. But, I choose not to lament. If I can't convince either Daddy or the bro to wear it, it'll just have to be reworked. I'd like a more fitted one. It is rather warm and comfy though! We'll see.

I succeeded in my ultimate goal, which was to complete something I could wear(okay, so I can't wear it, but it is completed!). It was fun (not without its frustrations, of course), and much easier than I imagined it would be. I learned to do cables, armholes, neckholes and seaming (which went through many re-do's). What more could a newbie ask for? I am knitter, hear me roar!! Whee! Okay, wayyy too giddy. I even had decaf this morning. So ... what's next?!

Perhaps it's springtime calling, but other things are getting completed as well. After almost five years I finally, finally forced myself to finish The Mists of Avalon. Granted, it's a long book, but length is never an issue for me. With this book though, the characters were just so irritating and whiny that I had to put the book down to calm down. But the need to know how it would end always brought me back. Never one to be satisfied simply by reading the last page, of course I had to read it through. UGH. T laughed and told me that I must not be a proper feminist, as this has apparently been hailed by the feminist lit culture. But she hasn't read it, so those were her only comments. However, I care not if I am a proper feminist. Heck, I've never cared about being a proper anything!

On a different note, am having lots of laughs with P.G. Wodehouse, who has been on my "to read" list forever. I am ashamed to say that I've reached thirty years and have not until now read his clever words. Rather than starting in on the Jeeves series though, I googled him and decided to check out instead, Love Among the Chickens, about a writer who heads off with a rather exasperating pal to start a chicken farm for the summer, and falls in love while there. I was intrigued by this rather curious plot, and found it through interlibrary loan. Wodehouse is as skilled a writer as the critics say. The plot is a bit silly, but I suppose it sets the stage for the capers set forth. What a fun find! Almost done too with Jonathan Strange -- probably about an hour left. It sat unlistened to for quite a long while, while I indulged in a Rent phase on my commute, singing along merrily at the top of my lungs. One of the benefits of commuting via private transportation, I say!

The sun is shining, and I'm off to run with (roller)blades.

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