May 02, 2013

Chapter's End

I think it's pretty clear that this blog has gone into retirement.  I am still here and there on the interwebs, so for anyone who is interested in seeing what I've been up to you can find me on Twitter and Instagram as janie_why; Flickr as nerdchick and Ravelry as krazybarrister.   Thanks for stopping by!

I close with one last image, since I blogged about its beginnings way back when.  The quilt-that-took-forever was completed a couple months ago and found its way to its recipient.  It was quite an ambitious project, and gave me its share of grief, but all in all, I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

1 comment:

bl said...

Aw sad to see it go. The quilt is beautiful! And the detail on the back is fabulous.