February 26, 2012

Knitting Like Mad

I've been knitting quite a bit over the last couple of months and managing to actually finish projects, though it helps that my choices of late have been quick knits.  

Rosebud Hat (Brooklyn Tweed):

I love this colorway of the City Tweed, though I think the yarn has a bit too much give such that the hat's a bit on the loose side, but that didn't stop me from sporting it in yesterday's wintry weather.

The yarn was much better suited for the Deephaven cowl.  Not necessarily to be worn together with the hat, but every now and then, I like having my accessories coordinated, and I think the two patterns complement each other quite well.

Also recently off the sticks is the super-cute and super-quick Umbilical Cord hat, because after all, I can't help myself from knitting for my friends' babies.

And when I'm not knitting I'm drooling over and impulse-buying fabric. 


Manda said...

I've been knitting like mad, but only on one thing. I like all your projects. :) I've also been impulse-fabric-buying, but I've been buying like... quilts' worth of fabric. LOL. Any ideas what you're going to make with the fabric, or not yet? :)

krazybarrister said...

Nope, not a clue. Just buying on whims. I don't do this with yarn, but there's something about fabric prints that throw impulse control out the window!