October 24, 2010

Branching Out - The HST

When I first decided I wanted to learn how to quilt, I never thought I'd be motivated enough to do anything beyond simple squares. After all, it was the how I was much more interested in, and being able to execute that how. Then I started reading all that's out there on the internets and seeing what others are doing with their quilts and I was intrigued by all the different piecing ideas and techniques. Intrigued enough that I wanted to, rather than feeling compelled to, try my hand at piecing together a block that was more than just a square. So for my second quilt, I'm giving [half-square] triangles a shot. While it's a lot more work, it's fun seeing these blocks come together.

amh quilt in progress

Without any proper segue, here's my plug for Tropic Thunder, if you haven't yet seen it. I'm just kicking myself for waiting so long to do so. It's been sitting on my coffee table courtesy of Netflix for quite some time. I had wanted to see it when it initially came out and never got around to it, and then it just fell off my radar. I can't remember the last movie I saw that made me laugh so hard. My stomach still hurts a bit. Robert Downey, Jr, excels in such an unexpected way (as far as I'm concerned, he can do no wrong, but this exceeded my expectations!) and the plot itself is quite hilarious. Immediately following my first viewing, I had watched it again with the actors' commentary and spent the next two hours laughing even more. I finally made it to bed around 4 AM. I might just have to watch it again (and again?!) before I send it back.

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