January 01, 2009

Jumpin' Jack Cocoa

Perhaps it's my age getting the better of me, but I've grown a preference for low key New Years Eve nights.    

Went out for Thai with some friends then we split up as they went off to their party and I came home to cozy up with my book and some hot cocoa ... the special kind, of course!

happy new year

Pour a mugful o' milk (I usually use 1%) into a small saucepan.  Throw in a heap o' cinnamon and two heaps o' sugar.  Add hot cocoa mix (I used about 3 spoonfuls of Ghiradelli Mocha Hot Chocolate).  Stir and heat until just before boiling.  

Pour a shot of Jack Daniels into your mug.  Add the hot cocoa and stir (with a candy cane, if you'd like!).  Throw in a handful of marshmallows.  Yum!  

Happy New Year!  

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