March 20, 2008


Ever encounter something during the day and realize that you're already formulating the words in your head to create a blog entry about said event (or non-event, as is usually the case for me)? It happens to me every day. I just never actually have time to see those thoughts come to blog fruition. Though it's probably best that I inundate you kind visitors with as few mundane anecdotes as possible. That being said, it's been ages since I've posted and now that it's Spring, it's a good as time as any to start posting again.

I've actually been knitting quite a bit lately. CPH is getting there, and I see an end in sight. Sorta. Ultimately, in actual knitting time, this has been pretty quick and easy and I haven't really been bored with the pattern. It's just taken me forever for one reason or another (work, sleep and play to name a few). Anyhow, once I get the front bands going I should be fine. I just can't get motivated to pick up the 150 stitches needed to get started. I hate picking up stitches. Picking up 10 is enough to make me grumble, so with 150 loops awaiting their time, I'm just ignoring the damn thing. What are the chances that 150 stitches will just magically appear? Yeah, that's what I thought. Bummer.

cph - getting there

What does one do when one is ignoring one project? Start knitting socks, of course! I justify it by telling myself that one must always have a small portable project, right? Besides, who can resist the Bellatrix sock in this fun yarn?! This is the first time I've ever purposely dropped stitches. It's weird -- the first few YOs, I was gingerly pulling off the needle, but after a few rounds, I began whipping through with a bit of a whee! each time it's time to drop away! Yeah, I'm getting a little carried away with my exclamation points. I'll try to stop.

bellatrix in progress

I've got one other project queued up -- baby shower gifts, of course! The topic came up at knitting club tonight -- if one's a knitter, must one always knit for the wee-one-to-be? I often make resolutions that I'm never making any more shower gifts. I'm always knitting furiously at the last minute because I always underestimate how long something will take me, but I never find anything I really like in registries, not to mention that I don't believe in registries; and well, baby knits are just so friggin' cute! I've got a shower coming up next week and I found this sweet yarn yesterday:

ryc natural silk aran

It's actually a hint darker than it's coming out in the picture. Leanne's spring baby is getting this & these to form a set. Though I usually tend to stay away from traditional baby colors, this pink stuff just called to me.

After Leanne, there are only three more expectant mommies on my immediate horizon. So much for resolve.

I close with something wholly unrelated to anything I've posted about today. It's just cool. Or maybe infuriating is the better word: Can you Name That Tune?!

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