February 11, 2008

Two Years In the Making

Cozy is finally done.

I stripped the bed the other day and while I was about to put on new sheets it occurred to me that I should probably take advantage of the fact that I was going to be house/dog/cat-sitting for a few days and actually block the damn thing that's been sitting in a pile since I finished the knitting part of it. My only worry was that in my absence Pippin might be attracted to the T-pins and swallow one or something -- I hadn't had to worry about this in my pre-cat days! Since I spent my days between places -- my friends live only a few blocks away -- while I was home, I let the piece block in the open air. When I left, I threw a layer of towels over it and placed pillows on top of the towels. The towels covered the pins well enough and the pillows were an attempt to discourage Pippin from crawling onto the towels and kneading the threads out of place.

I had some doubts as to how well the piece was actually going to block, being more rayon than wool (51% to 49%) and was pleasantly surprised. I'm also really happy with how this drapes, though I doubt I'll ever use this yarn again -- the loose plies made it difficult to get any speed into the lace knitting. Weaving in the ends was also a freakin' pain in the ass -- that had less to do with the structure of the yarn and more to do with the fact that it was a lace pattern. The only thing that kept me going was the idea of it actually being finished and wearable. When I went into Ravelry to update all my project info I realized that the damn thing has been in the works since February 2006. Sheesh!

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