November 25, 2007


I meant to go into the office today. After all, I haven't been in since Tuesday. I took advantage of my judge's own holiday schedule and used a floating holiday to take off Wednesday so I've been enjoying a five-day weekend. It's been a rather full weekend though so I decided that today was going to be a lazy day. This does mean however that I will be going in at the crack of dawn to catch up on what I probably should have done today. Oh well.

I took Pippin to the vet on Wednesday so now it's official. He is a he. 14 lbs of a he. And apparently he's still on the skinny side, which surprised the vet too. At any rate, even though I was the evil person who took him to be poked and prodded and then left him that same day for a couple days, he and I have had some quality bonding time getting to know each other.

I swear the poor critter has got abandonment issues or something, because when I'm home, he does not like to let me out of his sight. My apartment is on the small side but if I get up from one room to go to the next, he gets up and follows me.

Oh, and apparently he's a lap cat. He gets all bent out of shape if I actually have to do things that require me to be up and about and will follow me around mewing like crazy until I sit down so he can claim the lap. It's pretty funny.

He's quite forgiving though and is still all lovey dovey despite a few mishaps -- like me stepping on his tail accidentally (not being used to having a cat underfoot), or like him kneading my bare ankle (I usually sit indian style) with his claws causing me to yelp and start in pain such that I sorta pushed him backwards off my lap and he banged into the edge of my desk, causing him to yelp and start in pain. Actually, I think he forgave me first for that one, as I was still smarting from the gouges left on my ankle from the initial kneading and the subsequent digging in as he was trying to find traction when he was falling.

He's not sure what to make of the knitting as that means that I'm not paying quite as much attention to him (who does he think he is, a dog?) And while he's certainly intrigued by the yarn, he's downright predatory toward my knitting needles. I've been working the Central Park Hoodie on straights, so he eyes the needles going up and down, up and down as I knit away, but as soon as he gets the chance, he'll grab on from the most fortuitous and convenient grabbable position on my lap.

attack cat

Every now and then he needs a change of scenery and will give my lap back to me for a short while he stretches out across my pattern instead.

who needs a pattern?

I've finished the front panels since I've gotten him, so with any luck this sweater will be finished soon.

central park hoodie back and fronts

Perhaps I'll be done before the new year!

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