January 09, 2007

Can't Think of a Good Title

I've been feeling a bit lost lately, as far as the knitting goes.

Last week I finished this:

seussian stripeyness

I had been wanting a fun stripey scarf for some time, and this was an easy knit to work on especially at knitting club, where pattern simplicity guarantees forward progress (it's my favorite tried and true "mistake rib" stitch -- cast on multiples of 6, and repeat two rows. R1: K3, P3; R2: K1, P1.)

I did however get a bit carried away, knitting down to every last inch of each color I had left of this Debbie Bliss Merino DK. My scarf philosophy has always been, the longer the better, but this is a tad silly:

carried away

That's with it wrapped once around my neck!

In all seriousness, wrapping it around several times is rather fitting for this skinny, stripey, Seussian bit. It wasn't planned, but the finished product does invoke the good Doctor, no?

However, since I've finished that off, I've been rather uninspired.

I've attempted to finish this:

river drying up

and this (hmm, bears a striking resemblance to WIP above in both pattern and status!):

not so cozy

before moving onto this (to practice the newly learned 2-handed knitting technique -- thank you Kelly):

sober fair isle

All, to no avail.

Though I did have a mini burst of energy yesterday to begin a pair of these (it helps to be working on Size 7 needles, in a worsted weight yarn):

quick squishy knit

On the upside, the lack of knitting wherewithal has given me a whole lotta time to indulge my bookworm half. I spent nine straight hours Saturday night immersed in the final volume of the Mr. Darcy, Gentleman trilogy. This last volume was definitely the best of the three. Overall, I think Aidan did an admirable job culling Mr. Darcy's side of the story. I didn't necessarily care for all the liberties she took but still, it remained pretty true to the spirit of the original. I'd certainly recommend this book to other Austen-loving fans.

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