May 01, 2006

Spring Is In the Air!

My friend Margaret and I took advantage of the springy weather on Saturday and wandered 'round this local park. The tulips were particularly photogenic:


Then we stuffed ourselves silly with delicious Indian food at Thali of India. I had heard raves about this place and decided it was time to check it out myself. I usually prefer to order from the menu, as I find buffet food to be bland, and uninteresting. The buffet seemed to be our only choice however when we arrived, and to my pleasant surprise, the fare was particularly flavorful and varied -- each dish with a distinct taste and character, ranging from mellow to spicy. I was happy to find the dessert section offered kheer, and their chai is quite heavenly. Don't let its exterior fool you -- it's randomly situated in a suburban strip mall, that one could easily pass over if not specifically looking for it. It's the best Indian buffet I've had in a long time. I'll definitely be going back!

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