March 04, 2006

Caveat Rhythm.

After a relatively knitless week, I was more than happy to stay in tonight to get some knit on. I was merrily working away while watching the telly, pretty comfortable with the knit 1, slip 1/purl 1, slip 1 pattern for the woven stitch. Stitch markers broke up the 600 stitches on my needles into more manageable groups so I could keep track of where I was, if needed. I got into a rhythm, and whizzed through the rows ... So, imagine my dismay when getting ready to switch colors, I realized that I had accidentally swapped my stitches around in one of my sections!

So, what should look like this:


instead, looks like this:


Unfortunately, this blunder is clearly noticeable:


I know how to fix a column where there are knits stacked on top of purls, but how to fix them when every other row should be a slip stitch? Argh! What should have been a quick and easy stripy, skinny scarf has now turned into a sad state of affairs. Any tips on how to right this wrong?

I think I need a cookie. Okay, so I was just looking for an excuse to indulge in one of these:


As you all can tell, I've been on a raspberry kick lately. I just couldn't pass these by when I was at Wegmans the other day.

I suppose I could work on something else, like Cozy, which has sort of malingered at the bottom of my knitting bag, or the baby gifts I'm working on for my friend's soon-expected twins, but I so had hopes of whipping this up tonight. Apparently, I jinxed myself!

Sadly, I had no time to spare this week to hit the LYS, or I might have had some Kidsilk Haze of my own so I could start River. I've had my eye on this since my very first Chicks with Sticks meeting when I met Kate, who was sporting her lovely one. Needing to cast on with this stuff after being in such close contact with it last week, I meant to stop in and pick up a few balls. Despite having the LYS right next to work though, it was just that kind of week. Sigh ...


Kelly B said...

Oh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

I couldn't even handle that. I'd throw it out. Of course, I'm extremely impatient.

Byyyyyy the way, I'm at the new blog now :) Come visit! :)

Georgie said...

WEGMANS!!!! Oh, how I miss you so. And you too...knitting person!

Kelly B said...

Hey, 2 questions on Lelah- did you use 10.5 circs? I'm using them, but the pattern seems really.... see through.

Also, do you remember how many lace repeats you did? I'm just curious.... it says you only need 7 or 8, but it looks like I'll need more... of course I know lace will block bigger, so I don't know! Yar.