January 02, 2006


I'd heard about the sudoku craze, but hadn't gotten around to checking it out. After all, the last thing I needed was another addictive hobby! Well, the other night before we headed over to A's to ring in the new year, J introduced me to them. All it took was 5 seconds to get me hooked, and I was very tempted to skip the party, and stay in with the book of puzzles J bought for his plane trip home!

We actually even ventured out to Barnes & Noble that night to see if I could pick up my own book of puzzles, but of course it was closed on New Year's Eve! I did manage to pop into B&N on New Year's Day though to pick up a copy. I'm officially an addict.

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KristinW said...

Once you've finished the puzzles in your book, take a look at Fiendish Sudoku. It has free sudoku puzzles every day at five difficulty levels, and it can provide hints and step-by-step solutions. There are also several printing options.

- KristinW