November 24, 2005


Going on vacation is a grand thing. Took off for two weeks and had the most splendid time touring parts of Provence and southern Italy. Still, going away has its side effects as I can't remember the last time I worked the yarn through my fingers! Before I left, I got sick and then was busting my a** to get things in order at work, so it really has been quite some time. But I'm ready to get back to the knit, and I've got quite a plate to clean up. Despite that, I couldn't help but cast on with these souvenier balls I picked up at a shop we just happened upon (really, we did) while in Nice:


Superwash wool at 2 euros a ball. The only way I was able to limit myself was the thought of having to cart the stuff around while finishing up our trip! I figure these balls will serve for a sweet and simple scarf.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and I have high ambitions for posting FO's soon. In the meantime, one of my favorite shots -- the view from the garden atop Eze (we were blessed with gorgeous weather!).


And oh, a shout out to my SP for getting me this book that I've been drooling over forever. Thanks much!


Yoon said...

Welcome back!

Anonymous said...

You're very welcome for the book - I'm glad you like it :) What's your favourite pattern in it?