November 28, 2005

Get Your Vince On

My travels included a stop in Arles where T and I hunted for the easels which are set up throughout the town at the scenes Van Gogh has made us all so familiar with. A must-see of course was my beloved Cafe Terrace at Night:

cafe on a terrace van_gogh_cafe

Apparently, the present-day owners have painted the cafe to match the painting, for the sake of tourists, like myself. Van Gogh's original was meant in part to capture the yellow glow the gas lamps gave off, and so the original cafe was never actually yellow. Nonetheless, I loved seeing the inspiration for the famous rendition. We then scoured the town to "capture" as many easels as time allowed for us that day before we had to catch our train back.

In knitting news, I've been having fun with cables. I don't even mind using the cable needle, though I've been intrigued by this idea I keep reading about on knitting without one. Since K is known to sometimes take a peek at this lil' ol' blog, I leave only a snippet, as this cable belongs to that which will (very) soon be hers (well, her son's, actually).



K said...

Sigh... I miss travel! :)
Cables without a cable needle is soooooo easy! and much much faster! i knit my entire Mariah that way!

--Deb said...

Very cool picture. I've got a poster of the cafe painting in my office (right next to Starry Night--of course), and how nifty to see the real thing!

And, by all means, do try cabling without a cable needle. It's so easy and SO much faster. I keep one handy, just in case of accidental stitch droppings, but otherwise have not used one in ages.