September 26, 2005


Arrested Development is one of those shows that I forget to watch but when I do, I remind myself how much I love it and how I should keep watching it.

So my pink Flirt is still a bit scratchy, sad to say. But I should still be able to wear it with turtlenecks, I guess. I may try the vinegar soak that I've read about, but does that make it smell vinegary? The Cotton Fleece on the other hand is nice and soft. I wasn't quite as diligent this past Sunday, as my failing Bills were just sucking away any energy I had at all. The new QB is too inexperienced. Anyone else noticed that Dallas seems to be doing just fine and despite a couple interceptions, Drew still has an arm (and an offensive line)? Having been a Bledsoe fan since he was a Patriot, I was one of those naysayers when he was let go last year. This new guy has some promise, and I know he's got to learn the game somehow, but I was sad to see Drew go, especially the way it was done. And what is going on with the D? How is it that the once stellar defensive unit is letting yards slip by like nothing? The team generally just seems out of sync, and now it seems that Takeo's out for the year. No wonder I was hardly in a knitting mood. Will they show up next weekend? Am so tired of hearing about potential. Let's see it. Dammit.

In the meantime, I'm contemplating knitting up the I Do shrug in Knitty. I play with a local university orchestra, having played the violin since I was a wee one, and needing to put those lessons to good use in my old age. Our concert dress requires full black with at least 3/4 length sleeves. I have a few outfits I can wear, but the stage gets so hot. I have a sleeveless black dress that I think might pair with this shrug nicely. Hopefully it's not too hard. So if I can find a good yarn, I might try this out.

Speaking of yarn, I recently snagged some Rowan Cork in a purty baby blue which I imagine will make nice, cozy fingerless mitts in all its merino glory.


I couldn't resist, as it was on sale at the LYS for a ridiculously low cost. One of these days fall will really be here (none of this 79 degree and humid crap in September!!) and I will need them!

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