August 15, 2005


My mother has a green thumb. It was not passed on to her only daughter.
As a child, I was often imposed upon to help her water everything, which I did reluctantly and resentfully (I of course had better things to do). In my various living situations since I've been out of my parents' house, I've attempted every now and then to bring a green thing into my home. I have managed rather consistently to kill them all. I did once have a flowering plant that survived an unintentional drowning (I thought I was being so good watering it every day, but Mom of course managed to rescue the poor thing), and even a couple of moves (I move a lot) but that too eventually went to Flower Heaven.

When I moved into this apartment, K. brought over some mini-roses. Despite my efforts, the thing began dying -- half the pot just dried out and turned all brown and icky. K., who seems to be rather knowledgeable about that green world told me that the pot she bought for herself was also dying out, so I didn't feel as bad. Still, I tried her suggestion to cut away the dead parts and see what happened. So, I did as I was told and lo and behold ...

Life begins anew! Not just one, but three!




Will wonders never cease (knock on wood).

Haven't had too much time for knitting lately, but in the meantime, The Pink Bunny has found another use for Lelah ...


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ellenmelon said...

hahaha....the pink bunny!

wow, jane, you're a blogger! too cool! i will have to send my mom the photo of the green thingy -- she's a knitter too.

well, miss ya here in nyc. haven't even thought about shakespeare in the park this summer.