June 27, 2005


Okay, so I've been hooked up to the internet since last week, but alas no time to post, really. Wedding came and went this weekend and was a blast, albeit exhausting (in a good way). Alas, the afghan still sits on my couch. However, it is pretty close to being done -- I really did almost meet my goal, but work kind of got in the way. Providing I have the time, should only take a few more days to do! And, as the newlyweds are off to Italy for two weeks (color me jealous), it should be waiting for them when they return.

Am taking a mini-break right now as I heat up leftover pizza to nosh on before getting back to work. I haven't decided though if it's good that I can bring it home or not (more distractions?) It's been a few hectic weeks, but I'm thinking after this one it'll slow down a bit. And this weekend I'll actually get to hang in my new apartment for a fully fledged officially lazy weekend without having anywhere to rush off to. I can't wait!! Is it really only Monday?!

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